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cow yard card birthday signs


Birthday Messages

  1. 1.Holy cow (name) is (age) now! Happy Birthday

  2. 2.(name's) (age) today and that's no bull! Happy Birthday!

  3. 3.(name) don't have a cow you're only (age) now! Happy Birthday!

  4. 4.We herd (name) is out to pasture at (age) Happy Birthday!

  5. 5.(name) we are moooved by your (age) Happy Birthday!

  6. 6.Happy Birthday, (name) Hope your day is udderly fabulous

  7. 7.Don't have a cow (name)! It's only a birthday

  8. 8.(name) is over the hill & out to pasture Happy Birthday

  9. 9.(name's) an udder year older! Happy Birthday

  10. 10.What a cow-tastrophy (name's) an udder year older!

  11. 11.Moos Flash! It's (name's) (age) birthday    

  12. 12.(name's) over the hill and out to pasture!

  13. 13.(name), it's your birthday! Milk it for all it's worth!

  14. 14.Your (age) (name), party till the cows come home!

  15. 15.", till the people come home"

  16. 16.Moo Hoo, (name's) (age)! 

  17. 17.(name) You've aged so graze-fully!

  18. 18.(name) you don't look calf your age!

  19. 19.(name) you look bovine my darling!

Graduation Messages

  1. 1.Have you herd the moos? (name's) graduated!

  2. 2.It's udderly fantastic! (name's) graduated!

  3. 3.Holy cow, (name's) graduated!

Anniversary Messages

  1. 1.Holy cow (name's) it's been (30) years already!

  2. 2.We herd (name's) Anniversary is here!

  3. 3.(name) we are moooved by your love! Happy Anniversary!

  4. 4.(name's) Hope your anniversary is udderly fabulous

  5. 5.an udder year together! Happy Anniversary!

  6. 6.Moos Flash! It's (name's) (age) anniversary    

  7. 7.(name's), it's your anniversary! Milk it for all it's worth!

  8. 8.Your married (20) years, party till the cows come home!

  9. 9.", till the people come home" 


These can also be used for the following holidays;

Birth Announcements
New Home
Welcome Home
Get Well Soon
Bridal Showers
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Mother's Day
Father's Day
New Job
Business Openings
Easter & All Holidays








Cow yard card sign - All Occasion Displays - happy birthday cow sign

   Add this large cow sign to your   
    rental display for an additional   
$25.00. He stands approx. 5-6' tall! 


Order a fun yard card display and surprise your
loved one on their special day! A personalized
message and a yard full of critters when they
awake will be a memory they will never forget!
We sneak into the unsuspecting persons yard in
the middle of the night and decorate the yard with
a bunch of cute critters. You can mix and match
to create your own display and even create your
own personal message for the entire neighborhood
to see!




Add this "I Love You" sign
to any display for an
additional $25.00


Call NOW to reserve your





Every display comes with a Message board with your saying on it
and a 2' x 8' corresponding banner. 

Happy Birthday banner - All Occasion Displays yard card sign rentals

Happy Birthday banner - All Occasion Displays yard card sign rentals

Happy Birthday banner - All Occasion Displays yard card sign rentals

Happy Birthday banner - All Occasion Displays yard card sign rentals


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